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Life’s transitions are never simple and rarely easy, especially when it comes to handling major life changes for a loved one with special needs. But you don’t have to navigate the minefield of paperwork, benefits, and subsidies alone and without a map!

The House Calls team is here to help!

A private company in Montgomery County, House Calls was founded 15 years ago by Beth
Albaneze, a certified therapeutic recreation specialist, clinical psychologist, and psychiatric
rehabilitation practitioner. Mrs. Albaneze has more than four decades of experience in the
field, and she leads a team of professionals from varied backgrounds who have specialized
expertise in a wide range of areas. The team provides clients with the guidance, emotional support and resources necessary to walk through times of adjustment and transition. From life coaching to in-home and online counseling, from locating special housing and securing the funding to help pay for it, from substance use recovery coaching to occupational guidance, from decluttering to educational services and recreation therapy, the House Calls team offers its services to clients of all ages — from teens to seniors — and families who need assistance with caring for a loved one.

Services that may be of particular interest to the Main Street family include mental health care coordination, advocacy, assessing the needs of clients who require special accommodations at school and/or work, transitioning out of the school system and into other accommodations, coordinating with schools, work, doctors and hospital staff, and arranging referrals to lawyers, doctors, and agencies that know about subsidies that are often overlooked.

What’s more, House Calls delivers!

The company firmly believes that clients are most receptive to therapy and other kinds of help when they are comfortable. What better way to make a client comfortable than to meet where they want, whether that’s in their home, a coffee shop, or even a park? House Calls services clients all over Maryland, Washington, D.C, and Northern Virginia.

House Calls is a Main Street professional member. Click here for details about professional
membership and its benefits.

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