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Exciting Book Published! Announcing....

From Helpless to HopelessFROM HELPLESS TO HOPEFUL
Addressing a Loved One's Challenges and Changes
By Beth Albaneze, M.A., CTRS, CPRP, CLP
& Amy E. Turnbull, Co-Author


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New Book Offers Guidance For Weathering Life Changes, No Matter When They Happen.
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*This book is meant to provide guidance and ideas on how to help and what to expect when you are dealing with a loved one’s acute or chronic challenge or life transition, whether it’s as relatively common as retirement or teen moodiness, or as major as unemployment, medical urgency, divorce, or a clinical diagnosis of mental illness.

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The goal of this book is to make people aware of the many health services available and to suggest ways to access them. For many, the scope of available health services can be overwhelming (What kind of care is needed? Is there a specialist required?); the process can be frustrating (Do I need a referral? Which provider is on our insurance plan?); and the unknown terrifying (How are we going to pay for it? Do we have prescription drug coverage?).

Trying to make all the parts work together can understandably provoke a lot of anxiety.

This book will help take the mystery out of some common mental health care situations and offer readers new ways to look at their challenging circumstances. This book will also help guide families and caregivers through a process that the author has experienced personally and navigated professionally for decades.

And regardless of your situation’s severity, the basic concepts are the same: take care of yourself, enlist professional help, communicate and advocate, and find creative ways to return meaning to your loved one’s life.


"Helpless to Hopeful is a welcome and important contribution to the mental health field. This book provides a practical step by step guide to families who are facing the mental health breakdown of a family member and who are at a loss of how to help their loved ones and themselves through this crisis. During these current times in our country when mental health care support is extremely limited, Hopeless to Helpful is a invaluable resource for what to expect during a mental health crisis and to help navigate the complicated systems involved in government, healthcare, and insurance resources that may be available. This innovative book definitely fills a critical gap in how to understand and treat mental illness."
–Ellen Witt, Ph.D.

Consulting opportunities for professionals interested in developing the team approach of assisting clients in life transitions or with mental/emotional  health challenges etc. as outlined in the book are welcome. Please fill out our form below and we will be happy to get back to you.

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