Individuals with Acute/Chronic Life Transition Issues

  • Does someone you love face ongoing mental health or medical challenges?
  • Does a loved one experience isolation due to social anxiety and/or depression?
  • Is a loved one in need of ongoing life coaching?
  • Are you or someone you love faced with life changing decisions?

How we help:

  • We are a provider (when requested) for the World Trade Center Victims classified with Post Traumatic Stress.
  • We are also a provider (when requested) for local hospitals during the discharge process and for sustainability.
  • We work with people with a range of dementia issues.
  • Zoom, Skype™, FaceTime for online counseling or other online virtual service. Our online virtual  services assist people who prefer an alternative to office or home visitation. See here for more information.

Our House Calls Total Wellness Specialists provide action planning:

  • for families preparing to transition their loved one;
  • advocate on their behalf at meetings;
  • work with teachers to ensure accountability;
  • integrate individuals into social programs;
  • integrate individuals into recreational activities;
  • provide referrals to doctors, housing contacts, subsidies and lawyers.

Our Coaches are able to come to the home and model socially sanctioned behavior to clients and help create a productive daily routine; teach active listening skills to the family and intervene during conflict; provide counselors; recreation therapists, case managers to assist with the goals and objectives.

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