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"Dear Beth, These past few years honestly we could not have done it without you. I know right now my mom and dad are at peace and knowing my son is safe and happy gives me peace. Thank you for everything. We love you."
—Mother of a son with Autism and parents who were in major life transition


“Beth, thanks so much for doing an inventory of our lives and getting us to prioritize and focus on what matters. Putting us in touch with Margaret was singularly one of the best things that has happened to us. Margaret, your diligence and patience is commendable. You did something that very few people could do for me and that is to work with me in such a way that made organizing rewarding and actually enjoyable. I am now a stickler for order in our household environment and am completely committed to purging as appropriate.”
—Nellie Wild, Client

"The more I get to know you the more I appreciate your professionalism and knowledge."
- Father of a son with BiPolar Disorder

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"NAMI MC really values the work you do and refers to you heavily when we give out referrals. The service provided by House Calls is very important to the ultimate success and recovery of every individual struggling with mental illness. I wish more people provided this level of service and care for their clients."
—Katie Slye-Griffin, Executive Director
Mounty County National Alliance for Mental Illness

"Thank you from the bottom of my soul for allowing me to feel safe with my hopes and, dreams and fears.”
—Denise Sharpe, Professional Stylist and Trainer

"I have had the opportunity to work with Beth Albaneze, House Calls Total Wellness on numerous cases involving persons with mental illness. I respect Beth for absolute professionalism as well as the empathy she displays towards her clients. I know that Beth has the ability to assist her clients through their most difficult times allowing them to maintain their privacy and dignity.”
—Joan Logan, Crisis Intervention Team Leader

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