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Beth Albaneze, Deborah Marcus, Renee Stubbs - House Calls Total WellnessHouse Calls Total Wellness is owned and operated by Beth Albaneze, CTRS, CPRP, CLP. Beth started House Calls Total Wellness in 2004 when a family member moved to her home requiring a variety of services over time. Beth was motivated to secure and obtain resources for her loved one to ensure an optimal level of care.

Brain-PositiveBeth brings to House Calls Total Wellness over 40 years of experience as a credentialed Rehabilitation Counselor and Certified Recreation Therapist with additional skills in Geriatric Care Management. Beth, along with her team of experts, offers an alternative approach to meet individuals (children to senior citizens) in their home or where most comfortable.

House Calls Total Wellness's team of specialists distinguishes their services from others by working together under one umbrella.

House Calls Total Wellness is unique since they bring all kinds of resources to the home, office, or on the phone.  Zoom, Skype™, FaceTime and more makes sessions convenient and personalized.

House Calls Total Wellness offers children to seniors a range of services from life coaching, to counseling, and mental health coordination to advocacy, to assessing a daughter or son who needs help with accommodations in school and/or work, coordination with schools or work, doctors, and hospital staff, as well as arrange referrals to lawyers, doctors, agencies that know about subsidies often not considered.


Services also include Recovery Coaching (home support for those dealing with addiction), case management, and advocacy to help families navigate the medical and mental health maze and support for families (family mediation).

House Calls Total Wellness senior citizens who are aging in place are provided with a team specialist to evaluate home safety (decluttering and mobility barriers to name a few); arrange home care, make referrals to assisted living for individuals needing a more restrictive environment such as alzheimer's and/or head injury and can arrange a "wrap around" service at home for isolated individuals with autism, chronic depression, phobias, severe chronic mental illness, and isolation leading to depression and anxiety.

House Calls Total Wellness young adults with disabilities are provided a myriad of services including de-clutteringorganizing, and referrals for subsidies.

From life coaching to in-home counseling or online counseling House Calls Total Wellness assists almost anyone who seeks assistance. There are several different types of therapists and/or therapy and can meet you or see you at your location in Rockville, Silver Spring, Olney, Germantown, Gaithersburg (anywhere in Montgomery County); Columbia (Howard County), District of Columbia (DC) and Northern Virginia. If in-person therapy is not possible, House Calls Total Wellness offers online counseling anywhere in the US via Zoom, Skype™, FaceTime/or other online virtual service.

*All contractors are certified or licensed.  Contractors are selected depending upon the clients need specialty.

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