Family Support: Advocacy and Case Management

You might have a family member who is:

  • hoarding, unsafe and not sure whether to transition them to a more restrictive setting;
  • struggling with your loved one who is phobic, socially isolated, mentally ill and off medicine;
  • need a mental health case manager to help with the responsibilities such as accompanying your loved one to the doctor and acting as a scribe;
  • providing a safety assessment and then using techniques to convince your loved one to accept the help;
  • arranging support for individuals suffering from trauma and grief;
  • taking a loved one to social events, acting as a companion at college, facilitating family meetings and using techniques and strategies for effective communication.
  • Creating leisure options for the family to have rituals and time for themselves.

How we can help:

  • Advocacy for navigating the mental and medical health systems.
  • Referrals to doctors, health agencies and support groups.
  • In-Home Counseling and Case Management.
  • Nationwide using Zoom, Skype™ FaceTime or other virtual service for online counseling. Our online virtual services assist people who prefer an alternative to office or home visitation. See here for more information.
  • Recreation Restoration and Community Resources.
  • Provide families effective listening and anger management tools.
  • Professional decluttering and organizing.
  • Safety assessments and dementia testing.
  • We go to the school and work with teachers to create the most effective accommodations and monitor the implementation in case advocacy is necessary.
  • We prepare families how to network and transition their loved one to higher level of education or work.


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