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"This woman has shown faith in and lifted me up in the darkest moments and has done no less for my family and some friends I love dearly - grateful to know her- and her children who have both been great friends to me too.
—❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Kristy Latt Arthur

"Beth is the most amazing woman I’ve ever met. Her heart, patience, creativity, and drive you help people is unparalleled. She finds beauty and joy in everything and is such a wonderful woman to be around. Moreover, she has helped me through several of my own traumas and I know she has done the same for many others."
—U.S. Air Force Veteran

"Hi Beth,
THANK YOU for your wonderful practice! I am glad you can help the client that I referred."

We have had quite a ride. You were a great student then a fantastic faculty. Thank you for your love and support. I will definitely stay in touch. Know that you are a special friend to me and I will remain ready to be there for you.
Love, Charlie"
—Charlie Marcantonio, Montgomery College, Head of Mental Health Program

"Hi Sarah,
I have been delighted to read your recent progress notes for (our client)! Last fall she could not walk out of her apartment with me to put the garbage in the trash room just outside of her apartment without a major anxiety episode. I know that she has had changes to her medication which are helping her come out of this major depressive episode. However, I do believe that a huge part of her progress has been the work that you have done with her each week. The work has required consistency, patience, firmness and an element of cheer leading from you to help her take those small steps which have added up to huge progress. It was hard to imagine last fall that she had the ability to make this kind of changes in her life. I just wanted to recognize the work that you have done with her that has been so successful! Good job!"
—Holly Parker
From one House Calls contractor to the other

"I have found Beth Albaneze extremely helpful in figuring out the level of care the person  needs. I have referred several pts to her and her team, always found the perfect match. Her "organizers team" is efficient yet empathic.
Patrizia Pallaro, LCMFT, BC-DMT
Bowie, MD

"Hi Beth,  I just wanted to say thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to work at House Calls. This experience has taught to be a better a social worker, and your guidance has been so appreciated. Thank you for being such a great teacher, and mentor. I hope we can work together in the future."

"Nelljean, Congratulations on a job well done! You were instrumental in helping her with her anxiety and depression. I am glad she is feeling better."
—Registered Nurse working with Nelljean

"Hi Norah and everyone, I hope you all are doing well. Someone on the listserv recently suggested I look into this organization called "House calls" and I wanted to share what I found out. I've gotten excited about collaborating with them.

They offer some great wraparound, in-home support for clients (and families) who need more than therapy once a week. It looks like they cover a wide variety of needs and they go to the client's home to offer hands on support... they can help by being a case manager, doing recreational therapy with teens, parent coaching, help with hoarding (this one I'm especially excited about for clients that I work with), elder care, help making decisions with elder care, etc... It looks like clients pay out-of-pocket, although the organization does collaborate with some interns who do work at a reduced fee.

Well, that's about all I know. I only recently connected with them and I wanted to spread the word. Their website is https://housecallstotalwellness.com/

Hope everyone's well, take good care,"

I don’t think I’ve thanked YOU enough for trusting me with your fragile clients and for giving me the opportunity to work with them. Who else can say they were working for someone whom they’ve known for nearly 60 years! You have always shared your confidence in me, even when I doubted it, and showered me with praise above and beyond the value of my work. You have been a role model in so many ways – especially in the past eight years by building and running a thriving and successful business from the ground up. And making the lives of so very many people livable again!
—Much Love, Marg

"NAMI MC really values the work you do and refers to you heavily when we give out referrals. The service provided by House Calls is very important to the ultimate success and recovery of every individual struggling with mental illness. I wish more people provided this level of service and care for their clients."
—Katie Slye-Griffin, Executive Director
Mounty County National Alliance for Mental Illness

"I have had the opportunity to work with Beth Albaneze, House Calls Total Wellness on numerous cases involving persons with mental illness. I respect Beth for absolute professionalism as well as the empathy she displays towards her clients. I know that Beth has the ability to assist her clients through their most difficult times allowing them to maintain their privacy and dignity.”
—Joan Logan, Crisis Intervention Team Leader

"Beth is extremely knowledgeable and responsive to clients and professionals about the resources available and ways to access them. She has great passion, compassion and availability. I feel very confident referring a wide range of clients to her.”
—Jonah Green and Associates, Clinical Psychologist

"Beth exudes enthusiasm and compassion for people no matter what their situation... She is empathetic and insightful. Working collaboratively with Beth assures that we pursue the highest standards and successful programs to assist individuals to attain their personal goals.”
—Janis Froehlich,
Intern Coordinator, Montgomery County Police

"Having known Beth as a colleague for over 20 years, I refer to her as a highly skilled and competent professional whose unique service can help my psychotherapy patients in a way therapy alone cannot. Beth can provide visits, activities and a relationship to support clients and their families and further their treatment goals outside of the traditional therapy setting. She is an invaluable team member who enhances overall client care.”
—Leslie Kent, LCSW-C, Private Practice

"Beth created an immediate trusting relationship with my mom, analyzed her condition and needs and made solid recommendations for how to process with her care. Beth helped our family navigate the maze of senior care issues.”
—Sylvia Henderson, CEO Springboard Training

"It is so rare to find anyone so well informed about the complex and diverse systems of care and services, as well as, the right methods to locate and access the appropriate service. Beth Albaneze brings to her clients that special knowledge, expertise and the compassion in finding and accessing the right matches. While undergoing this difficult and anxious process, Beth is someone who listens with that unique skill and ability to bring comfort and understanding to her clients when they are feeling so vulnerable in times of overwhelming need."
—Mary Reese
Legal guardian of a senior citizen with developmental disabilities
Executive Director (retired) Prince George's Volunteer Center, Inc
Volunteer advocate for adults with developmental disabilities
Member Legislative Committee VOR (a national volunteer organization speaking out for people with mental retardation)

"Thank you for the opportunity to voice my respect and appreciation for all that Beth is doing for our community."

"I have known Beth Albaneze for over 10 years and truly consider her to be my mentor. Her professionalism is unmatched and her compassion and empathy as a counselor and therapist is remarkable. Without hesitation, I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of her myriad of services. Beth is an anomaly. Few people can be so highly knowledgeable in so many areas. She is a true treasure to those she serves."
Michelle Thyen
MA, CVA, Director of Volunteer Services, Brain Injury Services, Inc.

"I have found that a collaborative approach is the most beneficial to my clients. The clients who work with Beth Albaneze have an advocate who is able to guide them to the appropriate providers and health benefits which ultimately results in higher functioning. Her close contact with my clients benefits their psychiatric treatment as her input and perspective aide in making therapeutic decisions when it is hard for the client to communicate. Working with Beth has been a very positive experience."
Heidi Clark, CRNP

"I am honored to write to you about Beth. I have known her for many years and have introduced her to many people and families going through a hard time for any number of reasons. She is amazing! Patient, quick to understand and a determined advocate for the people she supports. Beth makes a difference in every life she touches.

As an ADHD Coach, I know first-hand that one person struggling can affect the entire family. Beth provides the knowledge and support necessary for both individuals and the people who love them to turn the corner and move forward with acceptance, understanding and love. I trust her. I would recommend her with great pleasure and confidence and I do....often."
Candace Sahm, MA Ed/HD
ADHD Coaching for LIFE, LLC - Positive Learning Experiences

"I have had the pleasure to work for and with Beth, taking care of clients and working on programs like Challenges of Managing Geriatric and Adult Psychiatric Issues. She has proven to be a great advocate for her clients and a wonderful asset to the community and other professionals when it comes to helping and getting the job completed."
Jack Davidson
Director of Marketing, Right At Home (homecare agency)

"Working together with clients gives them the comprehensive treatment they deserve. Beth Albaneze is very good with her clients and is extremely resourceful in finding appropriate social services for them."
Dr. Binali Sharma, Psychiatrist
VA Hospital

"Beth Albaneze worked with me multiple times as I took on the care of my 93-year-old mother. Beth created an immediate trusting relationship with Mom, analyzed her condition and needs each time she visited, and made solid recommendations for how we should proceed with Mom's care. Beth's extensive network of contacts and the research she did for the areas in which we had the greatest need yielded the right care for mom as her needs changed over time. Beth helped our family navigate the maze of senior care issues and resources while we, ourselves, were too emotionally involved in the issues ourselves."
Sylvia Henderson, CEO
Springboard Training

"In my professional collaborations with Beth Albaneze, I have witnessed her invaluable support and dedication for her clients."Dr. Ozge Gurel, Clinical PsychologistRight at Home"House Calls has been a valued service to my family and I have recommended you to my friends. Your performance has been outstanding."
S Robert Cohen, Founder
Jewish Foundation for Group Homes

"Beth exudes enthusiasm and compassion for people no matter what their situation..she is empathic and insightful. Working collaboratively with Beth assures that we pursue the highest standards and successful programs to assist individuals to attain their personal goals."
Janis Froehlich, Intern Coordinator
Montgomery County Police

"Beth is an excellent counselor and is very understanding of the needs of her clients. She is an incredible person with a dynamic personality. She brings colors to the life of her clients which helps them to see the brighter prospects of life. Beth has been there supporting me when I needed a friends advice and she is a person whom I can trust and count on her in times of need. She has being very supportive and caring to my patient's needs and has provided an excellent therapy. I recommend Beth for my patients who are in need of counseling and above all who need a true caring, kind hearted and loving friend. My best wishes and prayers are always there for her."
Rebecca Alfred, Manager
Alfred Transitional Living Homes

"Beth Albaneze of “Calling on Beth” is a committed and caring professional. A recreational therapist by background, Beth has combined her profession with a unique approach to helping clients and their families. She offers in home services with compassion and commitment. Her clients “love her.” Beth demonstrates passion for “getting the job done” – whatever it takes! She breaks down barriers so clients can access the services they need. Many might say – she works miracles for the seriously physically and/or mentally ill! I highly recommend her!"
Sherry L. Benica, Psy.D., Licensed Psychologist, VA and MD

"My experience in working with Beth Albaneze in Recreation Therapy and community services has been a wonderful and highly professional endeavor. She has a special dedication to connect services for her clients and find those links to make sure the needs are met effectively. I like to brag about her knowledge of assessing the client for Rehabilitation and Recreation services to bring about the highest quality of life for clients to achieve and with a very caring personality."
Paula Howard, MRPA,CTRS, Recreation Therapist
Washington Hospital Center

"I first encountered Beth as a student in her group dynamics course at Montgomery College about 5 years ago, I was impressed with her knowledge and genuine concern for her students. After leaving M. C. I kept in contact and Beth became somewhat of my therapist, colleague, and friend. I could go on and on, but to make this short story, shorter It has been a pleasure working with family members of her clients that could be dealing with addictions issues, and to have such a woman whom cares so much for her clients entrust them with me is a blessing, I just love her..."
Edward Jones, CSC-AD, RPRP, Addiction Counselor
Recovery Inc

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