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Life Coaching & Online Counseling serving

Rockville, Silver Spring, Olney, Germantown, Gaithersburg (or anywhere in Montgomery County), Columbia (Howard County), District of Columbia (DC), Northern Virginia, Ocean City Beaches, Delaware Beaches, Nationwide (using Zoom, Skype™, FaceTime and more)

with the unique option to be in the comfort of your own home...

Do you know anyone suffering from anxiety

*Please note - We do not take insurance
(we are private pay)

Virtual Coaching/Counseling:
Continuing Education Webinars
Google Duo, Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, Phone only, and other platforms: Our diverse specialists provide confidential, comfortable, counseling/coaching, advocacy, recovery, transitioning individuals & More.
We Come to Your Location:
Coaching & Counseling
Certified, licensed professionals provide services where you are most comfortable whether in your home; favorite restaurant or coffee shop. House Calls works as a team to provide individuals of all ages and families whatever they need to cope
Resources & Referrals:
One-Stop Shopping
A unique feature of House Calls is that
we have diverse specialists all under one House Calls umbrella.

If we do not have a professional you are looking for, our outreach specialists will guide you through the maze of mental health services.
Family Support: Advocacy &
Case Management
We prepare families how to network and transition their loved one to higher level of education or work.
Collaborate with Providers:
Independent & Assisted Living
We act on behalf of our clients, providing advocacy to guardians, trust lawyers; doctors; home care agencies and are the eyes and ears to monitor their client in the home setting.
Recovery Coaching: At Home
Addiction & Substance Abuse
Your House Calls Recovery Coach will work with the discharge team at the hospital to make sure upon arriving home there is support
and accountability.
Individuals with Acute/Chronic
Life Transition Issues
Our Specialists provide action planning for families preparing to transition their loved one.
Activities & Social Club
Before anything else, House Calls evaluates individuals motivation through strategies and observational techniques.

Our team discusses with family the issues their loved one is facing and identifies an array of appropriate resources and targeted services that will make the best life adjustment.
Discharge from Hospital:
Re-entry/Integration Support
Our team works with the social worker at the hospital to create a safe, motivating life plan whether they have been hospitalized for a mental health reason or medical circumstance.

We Come to You

House Calls offers an alternative approach to meet individuals (children to senior citizens) in their home or where most comfortable.

Our team of specialists distinguishes their services from others by working together under one umbrella. When necessary, one or more family members might utilize our team for any life transition circumstance.

We are unique since we bring all kinds of resources to the home, office, or on the phone. Zoom, Skype™, FaceTime and more makes sessions convenient and personalized.

*We utilize certified Recreation Therapists to role model and engage individuals in social and recreational situations within the community. By attending activities with the client, this ensures friendship and development to build socialization skills.

You Name It, We Do It

Services also include Recovery Coaching (home support for those dealing with addiction), case management, and advocacy to help families navigate the medical and mental health maze and support for families (family mediation).

Our senior citizens who are aging in place are provided with a team specialist to evaluate home safety (decluttering and mobility barriers to name a few); arrange home care, make referrals to assisted living for individuals needing a more restrictive environment such as alzheimer's and/or head injury and can arrange a "wrap around" service at home for isolated individuals with autism, chronic depression, phobias, severe chronic mental illness, and isolation leading to depression and anxiety.

Our young adults with disabilities are provided a myriad of services including de-cluttering, organizing, and referrals for subsidies.

From life coaching to in-home counseling or online counseling we assist almost anyone who seeks our assistance. We have several different types of therapists and/or therapy and can meet you or see you at your location in Rockville, Silver Spring, Olney, Germantown, Gaithersburg (anywhere in Montgomery County); Columbia (Howard County), District of Columbia (DC) and Northern Virginia. If in-person therapy is not possible due to living out of state, we offer online counseling anywhere in the US via Zoom, Skype™, FaceTime/or other online virtual service.

*All contractors are certified or licensed. Contractors are selected depending upon the clients need specialty.


What People Are Saying About Us...

  • During this difficult year, Beth and her team have been so enthusiastic and dedicated to working with my school staff to improve stress reduction, mindfulness, and positivity. Truly appreciate what Beth and Alexis are doing to bring us together as a school community and to promote well-being during such challenging times.
    — Linda Rook, Assistant Principal

    Linda Rook
  • "Hi Beth, I will begin by telling you how much I love and admire you. You have been a model of someone who is able to be there for someone even when she doesn’t do what you know is best. I didn’t want to see that medicine was needed for me to have a good life. But the length of time that it went on where you were there helping me to get out of the hospital and talking to me when I was sick is what makes you so amazing. Most people are not there when you are not ok. You are."
    — Client

  • "Just watched this video- excellent- what you did for Peter (debt relief) was incredible and I wish there was a way to get the word out about this topic especially with the economy in its current condition. You should get a spot on the “Today” show or on CNN. You deserve all the credit and more."
    — Dr. Mark Sugar

    Dr. Mark Sugar
  • "Beth & Alexis -Chiming in to thank you SO much for the great FB conversation today. It was terrific and and so far it looks like it had 104 views, and that number is climbing. As Natalie mentioned, we'll push it out on FB again tomorrow as a ICYMI (in case you missed it) and will get it up on the Brem YouTube channel. of course, feel free to do the same. Natalie was able to share out your website url in the comments, in he chat, during the part at the.org/brem-for-the-bust.

    Looking forward to staying in touch and finding more ways to work together."
    — Julia

    Julia Kepniss
    Director of Strategy and Programming
    Brem Foundation | Detect Early. Save Lives

    Julia Kepniss
  • "I am a person who needs the help of an assisted living facility because of the after effects of a bad fall and long standing mental health issues. House Calls referred me to an assisted living facility which is outstanding in all respects: price, mix of privacy with social time, food (they accommodate my preferences), single rooms, lovely neighborhood, supports like podiatrist and blood draw on site. While I used A Place for Mom to generate leads, it was House Calls that matched me with what is an almost perfect fit. I am also near my sister, which is important for her and from me. She is happy she can rely on the assisted living to take good care of me, no need to worry and no need to supervise aides or the other burdens of caring for a relative at home.

    We could not be happier with House Calls and we view the relatively modest fees as money well spent."
    — Best, S.M.

    Best, S.M.
  • "I could not let your day go by without letting you know how special you are to me (and many others!‼️). You are happy when things are going well for me and supportive and patient when they are not...... you are always there to listen and acknowledge feelings of sadness. You make every attempt to make suggestions for helping me to feel better. I have met so many of your friends over the years and I am sure that they are nodding in agreement! That’s our Beth!! Perfect career choice for you- helping people manage their lives. As a side note, when I am having a dilemma and need sanity, my husband always says..... CALL BETH! You never disappoint.... you are beautiful inside and out. I am lucky to have you in my life. And, yes, you are the very best and I love you.❤️."
    — Client

  • "OMG Yes! house calls saved my life! in many ways! ....they helped get my son ALL they services he needed and deserved in the state of Maryland. In addition, they helped me with my parents when my father became very sick. He died within 3 weeks. My mom had dementia and they were hoarders. I do not know what I would have done without Beth and House Calls. I have told so many people about their service."
    — Margie Billian

    Margie Billian
  • "I love you so much thank you for always accepting me and for being soooo good at what you do. You should write a book and be famous. So should I.
    You are amazing!!!"
    — Client

  • "Dear Mrs Albaneze,
    Thank you so much for coming today. The girls were captivated and touched by your story and your energy. I’m pretty sure they will keep you as an imprint for their future life. I was personally very touched by your dedication to all the persons with a disability. Our world needs more people like you!
    And you know Goldie Hawn! Wow!"
    Thanks again,
    — Girl Scout Leader

    Girl Scout Leader
  • "Beth, thank you for granting me the opportunity to have the relationship Debbie and I have developed. And Deb, Thanks for Caring with Your Heart and a Smile on your face."
    With Fondness,
    — Client

  • "You and your team have been super awesome and responsive and from day one...can't thank you all enough for sticking with us!"
    — Daughter of Client

    Daughter of Client
  • "Beth, along with warmth, skill, resources and knowledge was vital during my daughter's transition frim a young adult to becoming productive and confident woman. The support and advice that Beth offered was concrete and often allowed not only my daughter but me as well to leave her side with a ' package' of resources that led to hope of a positive future. Beth was there for us as a hard working professional. I will always think of her with with gratitude for all that she was able to provide."
    — Joyce, Client and Mother of Client

    Joyce, Client and Mother of Client
  • "All is great...she is on the road to recovery, working part time, living in healthy in a Recovery House, making friends with the other women, seeing a PTSD therapist, doing ALL to help herself. The transformation back is amazing for me to see and enjoy, at last. Prayers that it continues. She is also seeing a nutritionist helping her to loose weight. I could not have had the hope and belief without you and Ed"
    — Satisfied Parent

    Satisfied Parent
  • "Thank you Beth we couldn't of gone through this without Ed. Well, we finally made the first step. Now we have to go through the process of getting him out of the house.. The laws sure don't help but we will follow them. He knows we mean what we say. Thank you again!"
    — Satisfied Parent

    Satisfied Parent
Many, Many Testimonials. See them Here


House Calls, LLC located in Maryland and serving the Maryland, DC, and Virginia Metro Area as well as the Ocean City and Delaware beaches. We can also reach you nationwide using Zoom, Skype™, FaceTime, or many other platforms. We serve a wide range of ages from children to senior adults.
Some of our services include Housing Assistance for Individuals with Mental Illness in the Maryland/DC Metro Area, Assistance with Seniors in the Maryland/DC Metro Area, Hoarding in the Maryland/DC Metro Area, Life Coaching and Recreation Therapy in the Maryland/DC Metro Area, Grief Assistance in the Maryland/DC Metro Area, and much more.
Additionally, we can provide Community Resources, Case Management Assistance, and more.

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